the Wood Vault

Welcome to the Wood Vault – our signature database for all things wood and timber related
Our collection of wood we use in our products feature a wide variety of unique species all around the world. From red Honduran Mahogany, Teak and English Walnut, every wood is unique in its own aspect. We harness these qualities to make one of a kind products that depict personality and locally handcrafted to impress and tell a story
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the wood vault

All Our wood is sourced from family owned Local Distributors

The dark earthy tones of Walnut meets the soft creamy texture of Eastern Maple, we showcase the types of woods we use in our products. Some of which are local to North America as well as uncommon to rare ones such as Wenge, Zebrawood and more based from Africa, Asia and South America.

The Wood Vault


Our selection of classic woods by popular choice


Our unique and exotic woods with distinct character and flair


The rest. Wood selections range from common to very rare and sought after. Comes in limited supply & upon special request.

Additional Wood Styles


Our immersive study and collection of wood design combinations used in our products
(Carrall – Slim Wood Wallets & Cordova – Business Card Holders)

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