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Founded in Vancouver BC in 2015 by JTL, Konisa Studio is a wood design company specializing in lifestyle goods and everyday carry. Inspired by Vancouver West Coast, unique wood and minimalist design, JTL finds his passion in designing and crafting one of a kind quality products driven with a sustainable purpose.
Handcrafted and naturally sourced from all over the world, Konisa Studio products are designed to impress, bewilder and evoke conversation
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From Our Workshop to Your Doorstep

We’re inspired by nature and modern sensibilities derived by architecture and the spirit of the West Coast. Our unique products are designed with minimalism in mind while having connection with nature through the wood we use and forests we explore in

All About Nature's Wonder

Discover the perfect material that inhabits the timeless allure of nature and coastline of British Columbia. Inspired by vastย  forests, careening rocky mountains and winding rivers, our creations with wood embody the spirit of the West Coast and lifestyle of Vancouver.ย Find out more about this fantastic resource and how we transform them into beautiful products

The Konisa Philosophy

In our philosophy of small wood products in Vancouver, British Columbia, we embrace the artistry and craftsmanship inherent in working with wood to create exquisite pieces that embody the essence of this vibrant city. We believe that small wood products have the power to transcend their functional purpose and become symbols of the skilled hands and creative spirit of local designers.

We celebrate the diversity of craftsmanship and woodworking traditions that have flourished in this city, and we strive to contribute to its legacy. We believe that wood products are an expression of the passion that artisans bring to their craft, and we aim to create designs that showcase their expertise while reflecting the unique character and essence of West Coast.

Our Clients

We Work with All brands Around the world

These are some of our clients and customers we have worked with and crafted for over the years. We are grateful for their commitment to local businesses and support of sustainable design and craftsmanship.
Notable Clients / Collaborators Include:
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