TYPECAST | Minimalist Ballpoint Wood Pen


Introducing Typecast, the indispensable ballpoint wood pen that effortlessly combines style and functionality. With its easily replaceable ink cartridges, sleek design, and smooth writing experience, Typecast is the perfect companion for those who appreciate modern simplicity. Elevate your writing with this elegant and versatile pen inspired by mid century modern architecture and minimalism

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TYPECAST | Minimalist Ballpoint Wood Pen

Introducing Typecast, our one of a kind sleek ballpoint wood pen. Inspired by clean lines and simplicity, these wood pens embrace modern aesthetics while providing a slick and smooth writing experience.


Modern Minimalism:
With its sleek design and streamline aesthetics, Typecast exudes elegance and sophistication. Its clean lines and natural wood finish make it a striking accessory for any occasion, perfect for both professional settings and personal use.

Perfect Gift:
A thoughtful and versatile gift for anyone who appreciates minimalist design and the joy of writing. Its understated elegance makes it a timeless and meaningful present for friends, family, or colleagues. Perfect for graduation, birthdays or anniversaries. Comes also with a heavy base for easy and elegant storing.

Effortless Refills:
Minimalistic design makes pen maintenance a breeze with its easily replaceable ballpoint pen cartridges. Whenever ink runs our, simply replace the refill to continue enjoying its smooth writing performance.

Meticulous Craftsmanship:
Each pen is meticulously handcrafted from high-quality wood, showcasing its natural beauty and unique grain patterns. The craftsmanship ensures that you receive a writing instrument of exceptional quality and durability.

Smooth Writing Experience:
The ballpoint tip glides effortlessly across paper, providing a reliable and comfortable writing experience. Whether jotting down notes, sketching ideas, or signing documents, Typecast delivers precision and ease.


Discover the joy of simplicity and elegance, the natural ballpoint pen that effortlessly marries modern aesthetics with a smooth and enjoyable writing experience. Embrace the beauty of wood in your daily writing moments and experience the art of simplicity with Typecast – where flow meets function.


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